Helping juniors, seniors and recent college grads get hired in their first jobs and internships in the entertainment industry since 2015.


About Me

My mission is to help launch the most valuable startups in the world: Young careers.

I help college students and recent grads land their first jobs and internships in the entertainment industry!


As a public speaker and private coach, I’m here to help young adults make the transition from student to working professional with confidence. I’m an expert in finding what makes each person unique and aligning that with job opportunities.



Join me and up to 10 subscribers for my monthly COFFEE WITH KP! It’s our chance to meet in person in Beverly Hills or online for a virtual informational meeting. I take the first ten mins to share tips on getting hired and the remaining 50 mins are for you to ASK ME ANYTHING (think: resumes, interviewing techniques, networking, etc.) It’s super fun and you get to connect to other like minded 20-something entertainment industry job seekers. Click below for the schedule and how to sign up.


Calling all juniors, seniors, recent college grads, and 20-somethings looking to work in Hollywood … college may have taught you the skills needed to perform your first Hollywood job, but it didn’t teach you how to land it. If you’re ready to get your parents off your back and start putting cash in your pocket, then my online Intensives are just for you!


Perfect for college students or recent grads who is committed to a long term career in entertainment and is looking for expert guidance in securing an internship or entry-level job. Choose the highly personalized private coaching program that is right for you.


Success by the Numbers



Years of experience

Over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry gives me a unique understanding of what juniors, seniors, and recent college graduates are experiencing in the search for their first job in entertainment.



My Grad All-Star’s Testimonials

See what past students, parents, college professors, industry professionals, and colleagues say about Krista’s care, expertise, smarts, method and results!



careers launched

Successfully launched over 600 young careers working as assistants to talent agents, production assistants, interns, and other positions at prestigious entertainment companies in LA and NYC.


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5 Reasons to Book KP

1. I’m an entertainment Industry professional and first job expert

2. I’m a great story teller. I share the exciting highs and the painful lows. I’m not afraid to tell it like it is

3. I will leave you inspired and give you practical techniques to get hired

4. I live up to my nickname of KFP- Krista FUN Parkinson

5. Each event is customized to fit your students needs



Contact Krista!

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Questions? Send me a note here with your phone number and someone from my team will reach out ASAP. If you are a student or recent grad looking for help getting hired, please let me know what program you were interested in and what types of jobs you are currently applying to. I’d love to help you get hired! Make sure to let me know who referred you to my site (drop some names!)

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