Coffee with KP

As you know, I’d love to meet all of you in person, get to know you better, and answer all of your career-related questions, but simply don’t have the time — so I created Coffee with KP!


Ask me anything

For the 10 people (absolute max) who join me for my monthly Coffee with KP, I’ll share three essential tips on targeting the right job (that’ll come in very handy as you begin your job search) after which the remaining 50 minutes will be yours to ASK ME ANYTHING (think: resumes, interviewing techniques, networking, etc.)

Stand out

Coffee with KP is a fantastic way to make me aware of who you are, your skill set, and your desired career, so that I might be able to refer you for one of the many jobs that come across my desk!

Join from anywhere in the world

You can join me from anywhere in the world (Online Coffee with KP), so long as you have a quiet spot and an internet connection!


What: Coffee with KP
Where: ONLINE via Zoom video conferencing; or IN-PERSON at a Beverly Hills location
Cost: $25

*Spots go fast, and this is a small, non-refundable deposit to discourage last-minute cancellations. :)


Jan 19 – 10am – 11am PT (IN-PERSON)

Feb 09 – 10am – 11am PT (ONLINE)

Mar 16 – 10am – 11am PT (IN-PERSON)

Apr 06 – 10am – 11am PT (ONLINE)

June 22– 10am – 11am PT (IN-PERSON)

July 20 - 10am - 11am PT (IN-PERSON)

Aug 03 – 10am – 11am PT (IN-PERSON)

Sep 21 – 10am – 11am PT (IN-PERSON)

Oct 12 – 10am – 11am PT (ONLINE)

Nov 16 – 10am – 11am PT (IN-PERSON)

Dec 14 – 10am – 11am PT (IN-PERSON)