What Julianne Hough's assistant did to get hired (and what you can do to up your chances of getting hired too)

I love keeping up with so many of you on IG. Last week, I saw a post from one of #MyGrads Camila Forero that was so inspirational that I had to share with all of you.

Camila Forero is a Chapman University grad and one of my Career Accelerator success stories. Not only is she surviving this Hollywood safari ride, but she is THRIVING as Julianne Hough's assistant! She even had a full circle moment last week where she interviewed her boss on the red carpet for America's Got Talent!! (full IG post and video here or scroll to the bottom of this email)

It's easy to look at where someone is now and forget the struggle. Last year around this time, Camila was just like you- a recent college grad with a degree from Chapman University and looking for a job. Her friend told her about me and my passion of helping 20 somethings get hired in the entertainment industry so signed up for a new course I was teaching. But the class never happened. I ended up misjudging schedules and days/times didn't work out for all of the people who wanted to take the course. I remember calling Camila and saying as a make good, I wondered if she'd be open to private coaching instead.I shared that I really don't coach hosts and actors, but I could show her how to land an assistant job to pay the bills. She jumped at the chance to learn all she could!

Through private coaching, we identified her career goals, perfected her resume and learned how to reach out to industry professionals and get informational meetings (network building.) Camila was open to working in whatever capacity she could (didn't have to be hosting) and she wanted to learn from the best! She trusted the process and just knew that the right opportunity would come and the right time whether it was on camera or not.

Guess what?

The opportunity showed up.

One of my friends at WME told me about this incredible opportunity working for Julianne and I submitted Camila's resume, her beautifully crafted one-minute video cover letter expressing who she was and why she'd be the best assistant for this celebrity and it took off from there. It took several weeks, a lot of patience and she finally heard the words, "You're hired!"


1. She was determined to work in entertainment, yet remained flexible as to what the right opportunity could look like.
She wants to work as a host and most certainly will one day! But for now, she is working as an assistant to a major celebrity and gaining so many skills will serve her in the long run. Even Jennifer Lopez was once a back-up dancer to Janet Jackson. Learning from people who are at the top of their games can only benefit you in the long run. Look at your first job as an apprenticeship. When you are helping someone else build their empire, you are learning what it takes to succeed and one day build your own.

2. She sought out expert guidance and was very teachable. Camila committed to herself and dedicated time to our coaching calls. We met online weekly and was willing to do what it took to succeed. I have no interest in seeing anything but success from all of you, so I will do everything in my power to put you in situation to succeed.

3. She remained positive, flexible and patient. Trust me when I say, this job didn't come quickly, but it was absolutely worth the wait! When you are applying for a job, you think it is on your time, but sometimes companies and bosses have other things to handle before they can bring you on. Just because you don't hear a "you're hired" as fast as you can get a text from your bestie, doesn't mean you are out of the running. There can be other factors at play, so you gotta be patient and trust that the right opportunity will happen at the right time for you.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. It's also Camila's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Camila, this post is for you! I hope you know how proud I am of all that you are accomplishing as your dream career unfolds. Keep shining brightly little star 🌟 and I hope that others can learn from your example.

💛 KP

Camila Forero interviewing Julianne Hough on the Red Carpet for @AGT and @buzz_access a digital media outlet


This last Tuesday night was the first live show for this season of @agt and following the live show is the carpet! Some of you may not know this but a year ago I worked for @buzz_access a digital media outlet where I had the incredible opportunity to work on my passion for hosting, interview incredibly talented people, and attend hundreds of red carpets. Among those carpets was the AGT carpet! The reason I’m explaining all of this is because My life went FULL circle Tuesday night! I surprised my current boss @juleshough and interviewed her for my previous employer, @buzz_access ! It was such a sweet moment to be doing what I love to do with someone that has been such a significant person in my life. If you watch the full video you see all of our reactions from start to finish and each time I watch it I get so happy and giddy inside ✨☺️ I’m really so grateful for all the opportunities life has thrown at me, I’ve grown so much from different environments, different people, honestly just anything that challenges me! Anywayssss if you’ve read up to this point lol I highly suggest you watch till the end of the second video cause that’s when I ask the best question ;) ! Ok! I’m done ❤️❤️ Have a beautiful rest of your day!

Krista Parkinson