Why You Should Dress Like This Celebrity on Your Next Job Interview

Check out this clip from “Kelly and Michael.” Unlike her red carpet attire, her dress in this interview is almost demure. Her elbows are covered. Her neckline is higher than usual. And she looks very demure. This is a very polished look, yet her dynamic “Pink print” personality still shines through. She doesn’t compromise the natural sex appeal or vivacious personality that we all know and love. Nicki stays true to herself and so should YOU!

When Kelly Ripa comments about her dress she tells the audience that she dresses for the “woman of the house.” In this case, the “woman of the house” is Kelly Ripa.

When YOU interview for a job, you are also dressing for the “woman of the house.” That means the CEO, Head of Human Resources, Producer or whomever your boss will be. You want to fit in with the company culture, so make sure to look up that person you are meeting with on FB or Linked-In. Or, better yet, call the receptionist and just ask what people wear to the office. What you wear to interview at CAA is very different than what you would wear to work as a production assistant at “Modern Family.”

Dress for the woman of the house, my grads!