Why You Might Not Be Getting Called in for a Job Interview

You have a fantastic 1-page resume, your cover letter is solid, you applied before the deadline, you were called in for an interview and nailed it, but haven’t heard a peep! Ever wondered why? I get so many emails and texts about this very issue, so here are some potential reasons why you might not be getting called in for a job interview: 

  • They filled the position and haven’t taken the job posting off their site

  • They might be looking to balance out an intern class or new hire group with diversity and you don’t fit the ethnic or gender requirement (nobody will tell you this directly but trust me, it’s REAL!)

  • The person who was leaving the position decided to stay

  • They are making executive changes that have yet to be announced, so hiring an assistant or intern is lower on the priority list

  • You may be too ambitious (years ago, I was helping fill a position and submitted a lot of “go-getter types” who were all rejected. When pressed, the hiring manager said, “I want someone to answer the phones here for 10-years; your candidates are too ambitious and will want a promotion or leave me in a few months.”)

So, if your phone hasn’t been ringing, don’t be discouraged: it may have absolutely NOTHING to do with you or be anything you can control.

Here, though, is something you can control: keeping your ringer on and answering calls from unfamiliar numbers, because one of them just might be HR at a big studio with the words you’ve been waiting to hear: “We’d like you to come in for a job interview.”

Keep swinging, gang, we’re all just one swing away from a home run.