The Importance of Relationships

I read an article in Variety and thought it illustrated a great point about lasting professional relationships and how positive they can be. Nina Tassler, the highly regarded television executive, recently announced that she is stepping down as the Chairman of CBS. The author of the Variety article is Bob Greenblatt, the current Chairman of NBC and competitor of Nina’s for many years.

Working in Hollywood is a marathon and not a sprint. The relationships you build in your early days can last a lifetime. Today, you might be an agent’s assistant or PA on a film, and a few years from now you’re calling the shots as a director! Your boss today might be a new hire of yours when you are running your own show a decade from now. Maybe your college professor will one day be your client! It isn’t just about climbing a ladder and seeing the same face on the way up as on the way down; it’s about keeping your integrity as a professional knowing the roles of a specific job may change, but who you are stays constant.

Be good, my grads!