Save “Hard to Get” for Dating: Here are 5 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

I know there are differing points of view on playing hard to get in the romance department, but when it comes to entry-level employment in Hollywood, it’s an absolute No-No. Unlike dating, potential employers won’t court, chase, or ever send you flowers (no matter how attractive you might think you are). This changes as you grow in the industry and develop a reputation, but for now, you need to be easy to contact if you’re to increase your chances of getting hired.

Here are five simple communication tips help with that:

1.  Have all your contact info in your signature

Yes, I know you attached your resume — and I can see it right there at the top — but make it easy on the person who may love your resume and want to know more. For example, if you’ve submitted your resume to be a PA to a line producer, she might be checking her emails in an Uber and want to call you back immediately. Make sure you’re easy to reach in just one click by having all your relevant info in your signature.


. First and Last Name
. Email Address
. Phone
. Website or social media links
. Logo of your company, or school, or picture

2.  Check all your email accounts hourly

I know you love to text, but the preferred method of professional business communication (unless otherwise specified) is email. You want to make sure you have all your notifications on and that you check your email account at least hourly. When you’re a student, it’s great to use your college email address, as it sets you apart from the crowd (especially if you’re looking for internships). You also might hit the soft spot of a hiring manager who went to your school. Once you graduate, however, it’s time to start using your personal gmail, ymail, or iCloud account.

3.  Keep your ringer on, answer all numbers, and keep your VM box clear

You only need to be working in entertainment a short time before you realize (818) 954 are the first six numbers of a Warner Bros phone number. If you’ve applied to Warner Bros., you’ll pick up. You won’t, however, recognize every incoming call you receive, so be sure to pick up all calls, even the ones that say “No Caller ID.”

Additionally, take your phone off of silent mode and make sure you’re near it at all times. “What if I’m in the shower when it rings,” I hear you ask? That’s okay, just make sure there’s room in your voicemail box. Nothing’s more annoying than a full mailbox when you can’t leave a message, so delete those old messages today! And make sure your outgoing message is clear and professional. I’d make sure to say something like, “Hi, this is Ali Jones, leave me your name and number and I’ll call you right back.”

4.  Respond to all emails immediately

It’s funny to me that despite being constantly on our devices we sometimes delay in responding. Emails get lost (I know, I recently had a past student email me great news, which I responded to two weeks later because of a technical glitch), but, if possible, avoid waiting to respond. Years ago, I heard of a desk decluttering technique that said you should “touch a paper only once. After that, take action by either filing it away, throwing it in the garbage, or delegating the task to a colleague.” I think the same is true with electronic communication: once you open it, you need to “reply, forward, file, or delete it.”  Keep your inbox clean, and make room for that email that says, “we’d like to interview you.”

5. Spam or Junkbox

A couple of months ago, I had a client who was waiting on a response for an informational meeting with a big TV executive that I’d set up. A few days went by and my client still hadn’t received anything. I checked in with my executive friend. He said his assistant had reached out twice without a response from my very responsible client. So strange, I thought. Turns out the email with the date for my client to come in had been caught in spam and two weeks were wasted waiting for a response that was sitting there the whole time. When you’re waiting for an email, always check your junk box or spam.