How to Get an Agent

Although I haven’t worked as a talent agent for over a decade, I’m still asked this question: “How can I get an agent?” My response remains the same, “you don’t get an agent, an agent finds you.”

Getting an agent is like dating in the 1950s. A girl does all she can to make herself attractive to a boy (pretty hair, a little lipstick, pressed clothes, good manners etc…). Boys will notice her and start to chase. She is then in the drivers seat and can say “yes” to one of them to the dance. Sure, there is an occasional “Sadie Hawkins dance” but for the most part, the boy does the asking.

Same is true for getting an agent. The Artist is the girl and the Agent is the boy. An artist needs to be as attractive as possible to an agent. That means WORK! Get your own jobs, create your own material, get a little publicity and if you are talented, you will be noticed.

Think about it this way, an agent gets 10% of what you make, so if you aren’t making much, you aren’t attractive to an agent yet. It isn’t anything personal, but they want to see how the market responds to you first before they invest time and energy behind you. So start working as a PA, writer’s asst, production company asst or anything that puts you in the environment to do excellent work.

Be attractive my grads! Work!