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Recently, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by two-time Emmy Award-winning reporter, Elizabeth Espinosa. Elizabeth and I ended up discussing many of the finer points of how to land a job in Hollywood and launch a career. And after listening back to my interview with Elizabeth, I felt absolutely compelled to share it. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy my super-informative conversation with the very awesome Elizabeth Espinosa.

Recently, I sat down with one of my besties, who also happens to be a Co-Executive Producer on the Ellen Show, Corey Palent.
Recently, I was a guest speaker at UCLA, where I spoke in great detail about one of the most essential skills required to launch, build, and maintain a successful career: networking.

Allen Maldonado, actor and entrepreneur, talks about instinct, seizing opportunity, and his new app"Everybody Digital".

Mike McCusker, Oscar-nominated film editor, discusses the business of being a film editor, how he transitioned from being an assistant, and why the software you edit on is irrelevant.

Danny Sussman, talent manager at Brillstein Entertainment Partners, discusses the key differences between an agent and a manager, the importance of knowing how to treat people regardless of their level on the food chain, and the power of asking for help at the beginning of a career.

Ellen Goldsmith, SVP of HR at Fremantle Media, discusses the do’s and don’ts of resume writing; the qualities she looks for in a potential hire, as well as an introduction to Fremantle’s internship program.

Jim Parkinson, lawyer and author, has spoken to over 22,000 students, including undergraduates at Stanford, Notre Dame, and UCLA, as part of his tours with his book “Autodidactic.” In this episode, Jim sits down with Krista Parkinson to discuss the art of networking, how introverts can break out of their shell, and the importance of character.

To purchase Autodidactic: Self-taught, visit:

Knowing how to pivot in this business is crucial. And Megen Sterba's career has flourished as a direct result of just that. If you're attached to the idea of working just one role in this business, Megen's story is bound to expand your mind—and career possibilities—big time. Enjoy!

Krista Parkinson sits down with television writer, Mike Dow, currently co-executive producer on "Young & Hungry." Mike shares some inspiring stories, including his time on "Bing Bang Theory" and some lucky breaks in the business, one of them being the YouTube video that got him the attention of HBO and Mr. Steven Spielberg.

Liza Pano and her team are responsible for taking a filmmaker’s vision and translating it into different languages around the world. It’s a massive undertaking that requires nothing short of amazing teamwork and precise global communication.

Did you know the difference between dubbing and subtitling a movie? I certainly didn’t.

Did you know that big stars like Tom Cruise have different voice actors playing their voice in different countries to sound exactly like them, voice actors that Mr. Cruise himself personally approves?

This episode is one of the most insightful to date. Among other topics, Liza talks about working on Titanic and how close the global blockbuster came to almost never seeing the light of day; the genius of Walt Disney and her time at the studio; as well as working closely with stars like Ben Stiller to deliver the perfect movie trailer. Enjoy.

“Real Housewives” executive producers, Douglas Ross and Alex Baskin, join me on this episode for a fast track walk through the world of reality television.

Breaking into the entertainment industry is always a fascinating story, and I took great interest listening to Alex Baskin’s adventures as an 18-year-old intern at MTV, where he set up his very first pilot. Just goes to show the opportunities that are present at every stage of your career—even as an intern. You just have to know how to hustle.

Not only did Alex setup his first project as an intern, he also learned valuable lessons from having a failed pilot, lessons that he carries with him to this day. He also met future producing partner, Douglas Ross, with whom he would go on to executive produce the mega hit “Real Housewives” franchise.

Another eye-opener in this episode is the sense of entitlement Douglas Ross is encountering in today’s 20-somethings, and how it’s affecting their effectiveness and advancement in the workplace. Douglas is a highly-respected veteran of the entertainment industry, and I encourage all my 20-something listeners to take advantage of the wisdom both he and Alex Ross share in this episode!

Sabrina Richmond has forged a two-decade career as one of Hollywood’s most powerful and sought after financial experts, all the while keeping a massive personal secret from family, friends, and the entertainment industry. You see, Sabrina Richmond started out as...

David Robinson...

As the first openly transgender woman I’ve ever met, I was — among other things — struck by the role fate has played in her life. That and faith — faith in God, and in herself. It’s a fascinating, and frankly, deeply moving story, that winds us through 80s glam rock L.A. all the way to the upper echelons of modern day A-list Hollywood. I hope Sabrina’s story will serve as an inspiration not only to those who may be struggling with their own transgender or sexual identity issues, but to anyone looking to find their place in this world.

Krista Parkinson sits down with Variety Insight President, Mark Hoebich, who, amongst other things, discusses breaking into TV development, the inefficiency of the TV pilot model, and how to automatically put yourself in the top 2 percent of job interviewees.

Krista Parkinson sits down with showrunner Bob Myer, who, amongst other things, discusses the ups and downs of being showrunner on “Roseanne,” why acting is the easiest job in the world, advice for writers looking to break in, and how Chuck Lorre’s career almost never was.

Tune in to the very first episode of my new podcast where I sit down with Pan screenwriter Jason Fuchs for one of the most insightful—and FUN—discussions on everything from landing his WME agent to getting a $150 million movie greenlit!