2019 Fall Intensive: Get Job-Ready!

Calling all juniors, seniors, recent college grads, and 20-somethings looking to work in Hollywood … college may have taught you the skills needed to perform your first Hollywood job, but it didn’t teach you how to land it. If you’re ready to get your parents off your back and start putting cash in your pocket, then my online Spring Intensive is just for you!

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Class Overview

My Intensive are s a 4-part online course, teaching you the skills required to work in entertainment. Workshops are conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing, meaning no matter where you are in the world, you now have up-close and personal access to my two-decades of Hollywood experience. The class is interactive and we’ll share screens and have time for some one-one- one attention.

  • Class size is limited to 5

  • Need to miss a class? Don’t worry—all 4 classes will be archived and available on-demand for enrolled students.

Some of the skills taught include:

  • Communication - How to get a response via email or phone every time.

  • Resume Reboot - How to make your resume and cover letter stand out from the pile.

  • Mentorship - How to get industry professionals to take you under their wings and nurture your career.

  • Job Interviewing - How to put yourself into the top 2% of job interviewees.

  • Follow Up - How to successfully manage the balance between being proactive and being a pest.

  • Dress - Knowing what to wear and, more importantly, when to wear it.

  • Networking - Mastering the art of making meaningful connections to become a networking ninja.


Class dates

Saturday Oct 26th, 11 am - 1 pm PT

Welcome to the Hollywood jungle. You’ll discover which Hollywood animal you are and the best job for your species. You’ll also identify a potential mentor and learn the techniques to get—and stay—connected.

Saturday Nov 2nd, 11 am - 1 pm PT

Resume Reboot: You’ll have a dynamic 1-page resume, correctly formatted, and filled with the kind of compelling content demanded by HR today, as well as a 60-second video resume where you can show and tell your own unique story.

Saturday Nov 9th, 11 am - 1 pm PT

Networking: The art of making meaningful connections: you’ll learn the techniques behind making powerful and meaningful connections—even if you are an introvert.

Saturday Nov 16th, 11 am - 1 pm PT

Assistant Launchpad: You’ll learn how to use your first job or internship as a dynamic launchpad for a successful career.


Book Your Spot!

Fall Intensive price:

Early bird special: $1,595 (Now – Oct 19th)
Pre-registration: $1,795 (Oct 20th - Oct 23rd)
Registration: $1,995 (Oct 24th – Oct 26th)


Check out what past students had to say:

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John Carroll


Peter Hopkins- Private client. Graduation from John Carroll University, worked in Marketing at Nickelodeon and currently at Foursquare

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Indiana University

Krista’s class was the most real world experience I have gained. She gave me the confidence to use my skills in the right way in a professional work environment, and she’ll teach you everything you need to know to be successful. I owe Krista everything!

— Jessica Schwartz, University of Indiana

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Krista has perfected a style of teaching that gives you an exact step by step method of how to secure your dream job in Hollywood. She makes your mission hers, and even after the class, you have a mentor and a friend for life!

— Jacklyn Robinson, USC


University of Pennsylvania

So, you're wondering if I think you should take Krista's summer intensive? In a word, yes. In two words, hell yes. I can't recommend it highly enough. Even though you've already taken the three-hour workshop, I think you'll get an incredible amount of value out of it. The longer format allows her to go into much greater depth on each topic, and the individual attention is priceless.

I've put a lot of effort over the years into understanding best practices of the job search, but with Krista, everything clicked. I started networking organically, I stopped applying for jobs I thought would benefit me (even though I knew I'd be miserable), and I realized how my resume (which I was very proud of) wasn't showing me off in my best light. And because Krista got to know me and my work ethic, when an exciting new job opportunity opened up at a company run by one of her best friends, she was able to vouch for my character. I landed a job I love, where I feel creatively and intellectually stimulated, and where I'm valued by my coworkers.

If that sounds like an aberration, it isn't. If you've seen just one of her Got Lists, you know how astounding her her track record is. Trust me, you want Krista on your team! I consider her class to be an essential investment in my future, and I'm so glad I made it. I hope you will, too. Please let me know if I can answer any questions about the course, so you can make an informed decision!

-Priscilla Spencer, University of Pennsylvania (BS) , USC (MFA)