Corey Palent and Krista Parkinson

MGGJ Episode 015 – Corey Palent

Recently, I sat down with one of my besties, who also happens to be a Co-Executive Producer on The Ellen Show, Corey Palent. Corey walked me through the ups and downs of a career in entertainment, covering everything from blowing his first interview at William Morris to producing The Ellen Show episodes with Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton! Corey overcame …

How to Become a Networking Ninja

MGGJ Episode 014 – How to Become a Networking Ninja

Recently, I was a guest speaker at UCLA, where I spoke in great detail about one of THE most essential skills required to launch, build, and maintain a successful career: networking. And based on the number of emails I receive about networking, it’s easily the most misunderstood skill among twenty-somethings looking to work in entertainment. After listening to this fifteen-minute …

Danny Sussman

MGGJ Episode 011 – Danny Sussman

Danny Sussman, talent manager at Brillstein Entertainment Partners, discusses the key differences between an agent and a manager, the importance of knowing how to treat people regardless of their level on the food chain, and the power of asking for help at the beginning of a career. Play Episode 11: Danny Sussman Subscribe to the Podcast

Jim Parkinson - Autodidacatic

MGGJ Episode 009 – Jim Parkinson

Jim Parkinson, lawyer and author, has spoken to over 22,000 students, including undergraduates at Stanford, Notre Dame, and UCLA, as part of his tours with his book “Autodidactic.” In this episode, Jim sits down with Krista Parkinson to discuss the art of networking, how introverts can break out of their shell, and the importance of character. For more information on …