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MGGJ Episode 006 – Liza Pano

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A couple of years ago, I met Liza Pano, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Distribution Services at Paramount Pictures, and we became instant friends. Liza has a very impressive title, but, truth be told, I had no idea what it meant.

Liza and her team are responsible for taking a filmmaker’s vision and translating it into different languages around the world. It’s a massive undertaking that requires nothing short of amazing teamwork and precise global communication.

“That is always the goal in all dubbing: for you to be able to close your eyes and hear an entire dialog sequence and hear every single actor, like, ‘Oh, it’s Brad Pitt speaking French.’”

Did you know the difference between dubbing and subtitling a movie? I certainly didn’t.

Did you know that big stars like Tom Cruise have different voice actors playing their voice in different countries to sound exactly like them, voice actors that Mr. Cruise himself personally approves?

This episode is one of the most insightful to date. Among other topics, Liza talks about working on Titanic and how close the global blockbuster came to almost never seeing the light of day; the genius of Walt Disney and her time at the studio; as well as working closely with stars like Ben Stiller to deliver the perfect movie trailer. Enjoy.

Liza Pano Key Highlights

  • 1:40  Meet Liza Pano.
  • 3:06  Subtitling vs. Dubbing.
  • 3:41  Dubbing in China.
  • 4:36  Liza Pano’s first job.
  • 6:29  Why Walt Disney threw away five years of work to get the result he wanted.
  • 8:24  How Dolby Laboratories changed the way we listen to movies.
  • 9:16  The amazing, against-all-odds story of how Titanic made it to the screen.
  • 13:26  Working with Ben Stiller on the Zoolander 2 trailer.
  • 14:44  Working with Tom Cruise, and the fascinating story of the voice actors that play Mr. Cruise’s voice in different countries around the world.
  • 18:41  Hiring at Paramount Pictures.
  • 20:31  Social media no-no’s.
  • 23:36  Working with George Lucas.
  • 25:52  Digital cinema vs. streaming.
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