Job Training

Need to polish your job skills?

  • Does your resume need to be refreshed or edited down to one page?
  • Need help writing a letter requesting an informational interview with a potential mentor?
  • Want to run through a mock interview before your meetings with potential employers?
  • Need help identifying career goals and making a plan to enact them?
  • Are you in your first job and needing guidance to transition to your next job?
  • Would you like help negotiating your next job?
  • Would you like guidance in deciding between multiple offers for an internship or job?


If the answer is YES to any of these, then secure an appointment with me via PayPal below. Once you secure a private coaching session, I’ll email you to confirm receipt and schedule our first meeting.


I conduct all coaching calls via FaceTime (even if you are in LA, who wants to fight traffic?) I do not guarantee job placement. I offer coaching to sharpen interviewing skills, source jobs, fine tune your current resume, give notes on video selfies and anything else you need to help you present your very best self!

I want you to leave each call with confidence and direction. I work like an attorney and charge a fee for my time, whether it’s via coaching or implementing a strategy (based on individual needs.)


1-hour of private coaching is $300.
Order 5 x 1-hour sessions for $1,200 and save 20%.

Select your option and pay securely via PayPal below.

Private Session Pricing

MGGJ = Cost-effective + highly personalized job training

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