Job Advertisers

Need to fill a position?

If you are an employer and looking hire interns or assistants, please email me and we’ll design a plan to blast it on my site.

Please be as detailed as possible. Generic job postings like “Fast paced office needs a detailed-oriented assistant who handles stress well” won’t cut it for my subscribers—they want details! I want someone to really want to be at your company, so let’s give them all the juicy details and explain why your company is the best to work for.

Boutique or large company,” “room to grow,” “just a job and you can pursue your acting career on the side,” “you can work from home,” “office location,” etc.

You might want to include things that are different like, “we don’t require agency experience” or “free lunch prepared by our own chef everyday,” or “opportunity to not only read scripts, but know that your voice counts at our company and that we want your opinion on projects,” or “be automatically enrolled in our trainee program.

What I Need

. Position title
. Start date
. Essential qualifications (minimum 3)
. Email address and name for submissions
. High-resolution image of company branding
. Additional information as to why your company or executive is ideal to work for

MGGJ = Highly-targeted, cost-effective job advertising