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Introductory Workshop

Even if you’ve taken my USC class, heard me speak, or have read all my emails—you still have SO MUCH to gain by taking my Introductory Online Workshop!

Your resume will go from drab to fab; you’ll make powerful and meaningful connections with ease and confidence; your path through the Hollywood Animal Kingdom will start to become clear; you’ll boost your chances of having of an industry professional take you under his or her wing; you’ll radiate confidence in the presence of industry elites; and you’ll up the speed in which you go from mailroom to “Ari Gold’s” assistant.

Class availability is strictly limited to 10 students.


January 25, 2018, 10 am – 1 pm

Apr – TBD
Jul – TBD
Oct – TBD


Workshops are conducted via Zoom Video Conferencing, meaning no matter where you are in the world, you now have up-close and personal access to my two-decades of Hollywood experience.


You are a highly-motivated 20-something who wants to work in Hollywood and needs help with their resume, career strategy, networking, and/or the knowledge on how to use your first job/internship as a spring board to a long and successful career.


We’ll cover the essentials of getting hired In Hollywood in a concentrated, 3-hour online workshop. We’ll have HOT SEAT coaching, meaning you’ll get some very personalized attention!

The following areas will be discussed in detail:

Welcome to the Hollywood Jungle

You’ll discover which Hollywood animal you are and the best jobs for your species.

Resume Reboot

You’ll have a dynamic 1-page resume, correctly formatted, and filled with the kind of compelling content demanded by HR today.

Mentorship 101

What you think you know about mentorship is COMPLETELY wrong. I’ll dispel the myths, and show you exactly how to identify and approach an industry professional who can give you guidance.

Interviewing Techniques & Hollywood Social Skills

You’ll learn how to enter a room, exit a room, and—more importantly— get invited back.

Networking Ninjas

You’ll learn the techniques behind making powerful and meaningful connections—even if you are an introvert.

Mailroom Launchpad

You’ll learn how to use your first job or internship as a dynamic launchpad for a successful career (hint: working in a mailroom has nothing to do with delivering mail).

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