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Ensure Your Child’s Career Success

You’ve invested at least a couple hundred thousand dollars in your child’s education. Maximize your return on investment with MGGJ Concierge, my 9-month private college-coaching service that professionally prepares college seniors for the job market.

MGGJ Concierge clients receive the highest-standard of coaching and attention to detail. Weekly online tutorials are fully-customized and scheduled to fit both your child’s goals and academic schedule.

MGGJ Concierge clients also receive full, on-demand access to my two-decades of entertainment industry experience via unlimited phone calls, texts, and emails, meaning whenever and wherever they need me—I’m there.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals. In just two years, over 200 grads have secured employment with my guidance. I’d love for your child to be next.

Call 310-413-0266 for pricing, or to have any of your questions answered.

Krista Parkinson

Ivy Slater Rachlin

“Krista’s guidance of my son was immeasurable and resulted in Bryce landing his first job—at the Gersh Agency!”

Ivy Slater Rachlin

Areas Covered Include

  • Resume Polishing

    Ensuring a dynamic 1-page resume, correctly formatted, and filled with the compelling content demanded by HR today.

  • Video Resume

    A 60-second video presenting both professional credits and the best candidate. (A growing trend in HR.)

  • Network Building

    The techniques behind making powerful and meaningful connections—even for introverts.

  • Mock Job Interviewing

    How to enter a room, win a room, and exit a room. And—more importantly— get invited back.

  • Follow-Up Etiquette

    Professional etiquette to ensure the best chance of being called in, seriously considered, and—ideally—hired.

Lizzie Yaeger

“I had no idea where to even begin the job search, and after a couple of talks with Krista, I had not only the tools to succeed, but the confidence to excel. Krista was the ‘quarterback’ that helped me kickstart my career.”

Lizzie Yaeger, USC Class of 2017

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