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Saba Saghafi and Burt Chaiken
—Neil Dua (USC Class of 2019)
“I honestly came out of every class smarter and better prepared for the professional world, and am so excited to continue to create and find my own career path. Krista have given me confidence and reassurance that my career and life are under my control, and for that I am forever grateful.”
Neil Dua
Jesse Kimsey-Bennett
—Maryelizabeth O'Donnell (USC Class of 2017)
“Krista Parkinson is Wonder Woman— I learned more about the entertainment industry in one week of her class than I ever had reading on my own. Krista’s class gives you the tips, but more importantly the confidence to go and GET those jobs that normally seem so out of reach.”
Maryelizabeth O'Donnell
Carter Shults
—Arabella Weston Smith (USC Class of 2013)
“Krista is the first person I turn to for job advice. Taking her class at USC three years ago prepared me for what was to come as an assistant in Hollywood, and her lectures helped me come out of my shell to pursue my dreams in entertainment. Krista has become a mentor to me, and her dedication to her students was so apparent in my recent experience changing jobs. Krista coached me through a tough career transition, and helped me make the best choices for my personal growth. She submitted my resume for an incredible job opportunity, and when I received a job offer from them along with an offer from another company, Krista advised me without making the choice for me. Krista coached me on how to negotiate my salary, and I successfully negotiated a 15% increase from the original offer, and a 60% increase from my entry-level salary. Krista cares about her student’s careers. She really takes into account who you are as a person when advising you, tailoring her professional advice to your personality and specific needs.”
Arabella Weston-Smith & Krista Parkinson